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Top Dietary Supplement Delivery Formats for Immune Health

What are the top dietary supplement delivery formats? Growth in today’s vitamin and dietary supplement market highlights an increase consumer focus on health, wellness and immunity. As proof, Innova reports that immune health was the number one claim in global supplements development in 2020, with 30% of total supplement launches carrying an immune health claim. Continue reading…

How to Create the Best Dietary Supplements for the Immune System

Searches for the best dietary supplements immune health are on the rise, but some scrutiny around dietary supplements is prevalent in mainstream media. Often, the argument is that people consuming a well-rounded diet don’t need dietary intervention from supplements or that supplements don’t actually work. And if they do, they can do more harm than Continue reading…

Four in Ten Consumers Have Bought More Functional Products During Pandemic, Survey Shows

More than four in ten consumers have increased their purchases of functional foods, beverages and supplements since the start of the pandemic, a major global survey has found. Kerry, the makers of clinically demonstrated immune health ingredient Wellmune®, surveyed 13,000 people across 16 countries to provide manufacturers with insights into the impact of COVID-19 on Continue reading…

[Infographic] What’s Driving Consumer Interest in Research Supported Immune Health Ingredients?

While interest in products that support immune health is stronger than ever, a multitude of products with varying claims is introducing market confusion. Yeast beta glucans, which represent some of the newest research supported immune health ingredients, can help provide manufacturers with formulation opportunities, and clarify consumer choice. Demand for immune health products is growing. Continue reading…

Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle with Fitness and Immune Health

Health and fitness are essential to both achieving performance goals and maintaining a high quality of life. From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting our immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body strong and helps maintain activity levels, especially as we age or face other challenges. One important way athletes are Continue reading…

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