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Inspiring a Healthy Lifestyle with Fitness and Immune Health

Health and fitness are essential to both achieving performance goals and maintaining a high quality of life. From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting our immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body strong and helps maintain activity levels, especially as we age or face other challenges.

One important way athletes are also helping to ensure they stay active is by including immune supporting products with beta glucans into their everyday wellness regimes. Sports nutrition products that feature, safe, clinically prove and effective immune-supporting ingredients like Wellmune® are quickly becoming strategic measures athletes are taking to help themselves meet their training goals.

So, what type of athletes are using Wellmune? And what are some of the tips and healthy lifestyle regimens fitness experts are using to support their immune health?

Meet Jennifer Fisher.

We’ve been working with fitness influencer Jennifer Fisher at The FitFork to learn more about her focus on immune health and performance, how Wellmune fits into her everyday fitness routines, and how she is helping other athletes reach their wellness goals.

Jennifer is a food and fitness blogger, healthy cooking coach, and competitive athlete. She focuses on sharing factual, science-based nutrition tips in an approachable, easy-to-digest way. She is a true inspiration to her followers, and as an athlete over 50 years old, supporting her immune system is top-of-mind for her and her followers.

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How Jennifer Fisher helps support her immune system.

Jennifer recognizes that she puts her body under a lot of stress. Athletes can experience a wide range of immune stressors (both environment and physiological), making healthy training days the most important ones.

To give her immune system a fighting chance to do its given job despite the stresses she subjects it to, she follows an overall clean lifestyle. This includes:

  • A diet rich in fruits and vegetables
  • Regular exercise
  • No smoking and little to no alcohol
  • Adequate quantity and quality of sleep
  • Reduction of personal stress

Introducing Wellmune into her diet.

As a lifelong competitive athlete, Jennifer takes her recovery seriously and sees the importance of optimizing her wellness habits and training regime as an incredible older athlete.

“Research and my own anecdotal experience as a marathon and obstacle course racer have shown that hard training cycles can tear down your immune system, decreasing your ability to ward off environmental hazards. Pair being ‘worn down’ with touching things in a germy gym, traveling to a race, having your sleep schedule disrupted, and exposure to the large crowds and, BOOM, [you] are laid up in bed. No training, no race, no podium. No way, that’s not for me!” ~ Jennifer Fisher, The FitFork

She turned to Wellmune because it has been well-researched to help support the immune systems of athletes by helping them to stay healthy after intense workouts, enabling more training days. She also sees Wellmune as a “proactive way to step up your immune health game” alongside an overall healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer points out the research that supports that Wellmune is a protective measure for supporting her training and her immune health as she gets older. Learn more about how Wellmune works.

What products does she use?

Jennifer has used sports nutrition and recovery products that feature Wellmune, like Gold Standard BCAA Train + Recover from Optimum Nutrition. A long-time user of Optimum Nutrition products, Jennifer says the addition of Wellmune into their product line has her even more committed to their brand and product offerings.

Finally, Jennifer shares a few important things to remember about Wellmune:

Wellmune is:

  • Found in hundreds of other supplement, food and beverage products, for various age ranges from children to adults to seniors
  • Safe for use daily in all age groups
  • Highly researched and clinically shown to be effective
  • Not a consumer product, but rather an ingredient to look for in many consumer brands
  • Patented and award-winning


Learn more about the importance of research in our white paper, Why the Future of Immune Health Products Continues to Require Research.

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