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Wellmune Increases Immune Function in Athletes

Clinical research published in the British Journal of Nutrition Researchers reported in a clinical study that Wellmune® prevented suppression of the immune system that normally occurs after intense exercise, in the clinical study published online in the British Journal of Nutrition. These results, along with similar physical stress clinical studies, demonstrate that Wellmune may help Continue reading…

An Under-Served Market: Sports Nutrition for Healthy Aging

It’s well-known that lifestyle choices like following an anti-aging diet, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly and minimizing stress are helping to extend life expectancy.[1] As health and longevity continue to improve, more older adults are taking an active role in maintaining fitness. These ‘active lifestylers’ range from casual gym-goers to participants in competitive events Continue reading…

Five Sports Nutrition Trends

Sports nutrition was once a niche category – the exclusive domain of elite athletes and bodybuilders. Not anymore. Today’s sports nutrition trends show a consumer is more likely to be a casual gym-goer downing an isotonic beverage after a brief weekly work-out. This mainstreaming process has driven phenomenal growth in the category. Between 2004 and Continue reading…

Immunity in Every Part of Your Life – A Nutrition Expert’s Take

Nobody likes to be sick, and it seems like everywhere we go there’s another threat to our wellbeing. Germ-laden door handles, sneeze-spewing coworkers, or the prolonged horror of waiting for our kid’s sick schoolmate to inevitably spread the illness to our own home. Yet we don’t get sick that often. It’s amazing, and we have Continue reading…

Wellmune May Alleviate Exercise-Induced Immune Suppression in Less Active Populations, New Clinical Study Finds

Wellmune®, a proprietary brand of baker’s yeast beta glucan, may help improve mucosal immunity post-exercise amongst general, non-exercising adults, according to a new clinical study from the University of North Texas. This new study’s findings add to previous peer-reviewed studies in marathoners and fit recreational athletes that demonstrate Wellmune can help athletes stay healthy before Continue reading…

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