What is Wellmune?

What is Wellmune?

Wellmune®  is a leading yeast beta glucan clinically shown to help strengthen your immune system. Added to everyday foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune strengthens your body inside and out.

Daily use of Wellmune helps support a strong and healthy immune system.

What type of beta glucan is Wellmune?

Wellmune is a yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan. Using a proprietary process, Wellmune is extracted from the cell wall of a proprietary strain of baker’s yeast. Highly purified, Wellmune is gluten-free.

When I’m healthy, I feel I’m at my best... I can live life to the fullest, set and achieve my goals.

~ Anonymous, from Wellmune Consumer Survey

Wellmune is part of a healthy lifestyle and is:

  • Safe and can be taken daily.
  • Kosher, Halal, gluten-free, non-allergenic, and available in Non-GMO Project Verified.
  • A patented and award-winning global brand.
  • Available in hundreds of products around the world.

Wellmune is the ‘hero ingredient’, given its deep portfolio of peer-reviewed, published human clinical research demonstrating efficacy for everyday immune support and upper respiratory health.

- Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, Director of Category Management Twinlab Corp.

How do you know if a food, beverage or supplement is fortified with Wellmune?

Adding products with Wellmune to your daily wellness routine is an easy way to support your immune health. Here are a few ways to know if a product features this unique yeast beta glucan:

  • Look for the Wellmune logo on food, beverage or supplement products packages
  • Look for Wellmune in the nutrition or ingredient label
  • Search for products with Wellmune online


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