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[Infographics] Trends in Regional Immune Health Beverage Markets

The global functional beverage market was worth $102B in 2020, and growth is predicted at a CAGR of 3.2% through 2025. Regionally, the market is expanding rapidly as well, driven by consumers’ growing awareness of immune health, and demand for products, like foods, beverages, and supplements that support it. Clearly, people are feeling the impact of immune system health on their overall wellness. 2021 research by FMCG Gurus shows that 76% of global consumers associate a poor immune system with being easily susceptible to long-term health problems. It’s also apparent that people are actively searching for solutions. The study notes that as many as 75% of consumers now say they are interested in functional products, including foods, beverages, and supplements that support immune health.

To formulate functional beverages with the immune health benefits people want requires an understanding of regional consumer trends and behaviors. We’ve created these regional infographics to provide insight into demand and market drivers for beverages with immune health benefits across the globe.


Searching for viable solutions.

Demand for immune health beverages is echoing around the world.

  • Functional beverages accounted for 35.5% of recent beverage launches in North America, according to a report from FMCG gurus on the state of the functional beverage market.
  • FMCG Gurus also reports that nearly 90% of some consumers in Europe have purchased drinks with functional benefits.
  • Similarly, Latin America is seeing an uptick in launches of functional beverages in dairy and refreshing categories.
  • In Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa, FMCG Gurus reports that as many as 60% of consumers now say they are interested in functional beverages that support immune health.


Get regional insights.

Download our regional infographics for a snapshot of insights into the immune health beverage market around the world.

Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

信息图表:具有免疫健康优势的饮料市场趋势(亚太、中东和非洲地区)— Chinese





Immune Health Beverage Trends in Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa — English





Latin America

Infografía: Tendencias en América Latina de bebidas con beneficios para la salud inmunitaria — Spanish





Infográfico: Tendências da América Latina em bebidas com benefícios para a saúde imunológica — Portuguese






Immune Health Beverage Trends in Europe — English





North America

Immune Health Beverage Trends in North America — English





Navigating a complex global market

Continued growth means that consumers have more choices than ever. Demand is driven by consumers’ desire for beverages with  quantifiable benefits. But in a growing market with varying regulatory environments, formulating with ingredients that provide the transparency consumers want can be challenging.

Kerry’s recent global research highlights that In all regions, scientific substantiation is a key driver in influencing consumer purchase decisions. Transparency is critical in providing the quantifiable benefits that help consumers choose the immune health products that best meet their needs, in emerging categories, like drink sachets, sports nutrition, juices and waters,  and teas and coffee.

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