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Wellmune® Named Ingredient of the Year for Sports Nutrition


We are honored to share that Wellmune® has been chosen by NutraIngredients Asia as the winner of its Sports Nutrition Ingredient of the Year. Recognized for its excellence in providing a science-backed immune health ingredient for athletes of all levels, the award is an industry-wide celebration of success that rewards true innovation, long-term market success and cutting-edge research in dietary supplements, functional foods and beverages.

Wellmune was selected as the category winner because of its impressive scientific support, scope of product applications, and product success in the marketplace.

~ Judges’ panel, NutraIngredients Asia

Scientific Support

A key component of the award is the scientific substantiation of the ingredient’s efficacy. Research supported ingredients help manufacturers formulate innovative products, and make it easier for consumers to choose the products that meet their immune health needs and goals. Wellmune provides clinically demonstrated immune support for athletes at all levels.

Product Applications

As the sports nutrition market continues to expand, product differentiation is increasingly important for manufacturers and consumers. Providing a product that addresses multiple needs of athletes and active lifestylers of all fitness levels can help them meet their training goals. Wellmune’s entry featured two protein products that combine the benefits of recovery and protein enrichment with immune support to help these products stand out in the sports nutrition market.

My Whey Protein (Thailand) – MyWhey Protein  provides a sports nutrition product  in indulgent flavors like Thai tea and cappuccino coffee with added immune health benefits



Wellmune is an especially good fit in sports nutrition products. From recreational to elite athletes, the importance of being well and staying well to maximize training days is always top of mind.

Want to learn more about the importance of research supported immune health ingredients? Download the white paper, Future Proof: Why Science is Key to Immune Health Success.

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