Products Featuring Wellmune

Innovation Stories

Wellmune® can be found in hundreds of products in over 60 countries. An ideal ingredient for virtually any food, beverage, supplement, Wellmune has been incorporated in a variety of innovative product applications. These healthy products have been created to help strengthen the immune system of people of all ages including children, athletes and “weekend warriors”, older adults, and those experiencing stress.

Products Featuring Wellmune:

Imperial Dream XO Namyang Dairy Products Co., LTD.
iSports® Slim Ryesendo Co. Ltd.
Juxx X-Mune Union Beverage (UBEV)
Kids Immiflex® Immitec Nutrition
Kids Prebiotic Freeze Pops Fun Treats, Inc.
Kokoyoyo Enermune Y.S.P. Y.S.P Industries (M) Sdn Bhd
MediMax Nutrition Hua-Yi Biotech
Multi Pro Vital Star
MultiV Pro First Endurance
Mune+ Funny 150 HILÉ Chás Mais Industria de Alimentos Ltda.

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