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Protecting the immune system of athletes is critical. Strenuous workouts and the effects of stress associated with the lifestyle, like training schedules and travel, can have an impact on wellness. When Tom Brady, the 3-time NFL MVP and 6-time Superbowl-winning quarterback, wanted to make his healthy way of life accessible to all—from athletes and active lifestylers to on-the-go consumers dealing with stress, he helped create the TB12™ system of personal coaching and nutrition, with a goal of helping active individuals stay active longer by providing products with multiple benefits that support immune health.

A recent addition to the system is the line of TB12 supplements that, like all of the products in the TB12 line, provide multiple health benefits to help support overall wellbeing. TB12® Protect joins the Perform and Recover supplements to help consumers manage their daily challenges and provide immune support for an active or hectic lifestyle.

The challenge.

Seeking to provide research-driven support for immune health in its TB12 Protect supplement, the company chose Wellmune®, a natural yeast beta glucan shown to help strengthen immunity, to complement the antioxidant properties of the supplement’s natural ingredients, elderberry and birch tree extract.

The journey.

Because clinical research is important to for consumers to understand how an ingredient works and the benefits it provides, it is an effective way to build transparency while communicating proven benefits. Wellmune’s R&D teams provided the support necessary for the TB12 team to formulate a supplement, by facilitating understanding around the ingredient’s stability, its manufacturing processes, and how its efficacy is measured and defined. According to Tom Brady, the support of Wellmune’s R&D teams helped bring an innovative product to market, with the addition of research-backed immune health ingredients that line up with the benefits provided by the supplement’s other active ingredients.

“Because the TB12 product line is formulated with natural ingredients that support overall wellness, Wellmune was the perfect fit to help us take immunity the extra mile by adding it to TB12 Protect."

~ Tom Brady, TB12 Co-founder
The solution.

Adding TB12 Protect to extend its supplements line helped the company to offer immune support as a complement to the overall wellness plans offered by TB12, designed to help consumers reach their potential now, and extend their prime much, much later.

Since its inception in 2013, the company has grown steadily from its early days as a Massachusetts-based gym by focusing on key methods of maintaining wellness. The addition of Wellmune to its immune supporting supplements has enabled the product line’s continued expansion.

  • The complete line of TB12 supplements, nutrition and workout products, as well as coaching sessions, are available from the company’s website for worldwide shipment.
  • With Brady’s recent move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team, the complete line of TB12 supplements is now available in Publix Super Markets Inc. and Whole Foods Market Inc. stores in Florida.

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