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Looking to bring innovation to the Brazilian beverage market, JUXX Functional wanted to create an immune health product for older adults.


JUXX is a Brazilian company, pioneering the functional juice market by combining simplicity with innovation to bring consumers quality juices packed with fruits and nutrients to support overall health and wellness.
The challenge.

To fulfill an unmet market need for a growing population, JUXX wanted to create juice that helps adults stay healthy as they age.


The journey. 

With the number of adults over 60 growing, JUXX saw a market opportunity to create a juice product that could be enjoyed by and easily incorporated into the lifestyles of older adults. Driven by their research and development team, JUXX began looking for functional ingredients with immune health benefits. During this search, Wellmune was presented to the company’s R&D and quality control teams.

The more we understood about our immune system as we age, the more Wellmune became the solution for developing an immunity-focused beverage.

The solution.

X-Mune, an immune health juice, is created to help provide immune support for older adults. The drink contains Wellmune for immunity, and is:

  • 100% juice
  • A blend of fruits and veggies, with no added sugar, artificial flavors or colorings
  • Available in a 330ml, 200ml and 1L container in Brazil’s major retail stores, and 330ml and 1L in the United States

The combination of Wellmune’s scientific evidence and the local support from the brand’s regulatory, R&D and sales teams made Wellmune a ‘super ingredient’ for our product.


Wellmune provided clinical research demonstrating its positive effects on the immune system as we age. And because Wellmune can be easily formulated into a beverage without impacting its functionality or efficacy, JUXX saw Wellmune as the ultimate ingredient for creating the functional juice product focused on healthy aging.


The results.
  • With the innovation of Wellmune, JUXX continues to lead in the functional beverage space in Brazil by gaining growing interest amongst consumers and retailers.
  • While X-Mune is targeted at older adults in Brazil, JUXX is seeing significant interest amongst consumers with children and athletes looking to use the beverages to support their overall health and wellness.
  • Initially launched in Brazil, X-Mune has sparked consumer interest and sales in the US.


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