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Developing a line of immune health focused sachets started in Ireland with global ambition.


Founded by Dáithi O’Connor in 2011, Revive Active is Ireland’s fastest growing super supplement company. Daithi passionately believes in doing things right and dedicates all his resources into making innovative supplements that really work.

The challenge.

Dáithi O’Connor and his company wanted to create supplements that fit the unique nutritional and lifestyle needs of picky eating children and on-the-go teens.


The journey. 

With immune health as a target priority for the company and their consumers, Revive Active was looking to partner with the Wellmune team because of the ingredient’s clinical research and the company’s technical expertise.

Together, Revive Active and the Wellmune team began the formulation processes, looking to develop immune health sachets that would make it easy for younger people to be well and stay well.

For us at Revive Active, the consumer issue is always priority. In this case, it was meeting the nutritional demands to improve recovery. The research into Wellmune, from defining the mechanism of action to the extensive published clinical trials instilled confidence in the efficacy of the nutrient and incentivized the collaboration.

- Dr. Daniel Jones, Director of R&D at Revive Active
The solution.

Revive Active created two new nutritional sachets featuring Wellmune alongside 18 essential vitamins and minerals, including Iron, Copper and Vitamins B, C, D & A. These two products are:

  1. Junior Revive, is aimed at 5-12 year old’s and was developed to help parents worried about their children getting enough of the right nutrients, especially if they are fussy eaters. And because children’s taste preferences can change almost daily, Junior Revive powder is unflavored and odorless and mixes easily into their favorite juice, yogurt or cereal.
  2. Teen Revive, is for 13-19 year old’s. The product is positioned to help support busy, on-the-go teen’s immune systems. Teen Revive is also unflavored and sugar-free to accommodate individual taste preferences.


The extensive clinical research that has been conducted relating Wellmune carries significant weight. The credibility of the research can be referred to as evidence for Wellmune’s inclusion in Junior Revive and Teen Revive, and creates a unique selling point for the Junior Revive and Teen Revive products. The research also aids with increasing awareness and understanding of Wellmune and beta glucans.

- Dr. Daniel Jones, Director of R&D at Revive Active
The results:
  • Junior Revive has been available in over one thousand retail outlets across the island of Ireland, fifty retail outlets in London, and can be purchased globally online.
  • The launch was supported by a national and regional radio campaign across the island of Ireland as well as print advertising, PR, point of sales investment for all retailers, and retailer training sessions to ensure they understood the benefits of and science behind Wellmune.
  • The launch was also supported by a social media campaign, which included informative product posts detailing the key ingredients and benefits of the products. Specific social media posts highlighting the benefits of Wellmune were created as well as a blog post dedicated to Wellmune on the Revive Active website.
  • In addition, four YouTube videos have been created speaking about Junior Revive and Teen Revive featuring Daithi O’Connor, Dr. Daniel Jones and Dr. Laura Collins from Kerry.
  • Due to the successes of Junior Revive and Teen Revive, the company is expanding its product offering and Wellmune will be featured in their newest product, Zest Active, a nutritional supplement for 20-3 year old’s.


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