What is Wellmune?

Immune Support with Wellmune®.

Our immune system is the starting point for your quality of life. Reinforcing our health and wellness through proactive self-care starts with supporting our general immune health.

Taking Wellmune® daily can help support your overall immune function, so you can have more healthy days and live your best life. Backed by over a decade of science, Wellmune is safe and effective for people of all ages, including:

An immune health ingredient found in foods, beverages and supplements around the world, Wellmune works to help us be well and stay well.

Wellmune supports the health and wellness of children.  

A healthy immune system can support the overall health and wellness of children. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help kids have more healthy days.

Wellmune Benefits Children

Wellmune is in a vitamin we already started buying our kids in March. I was really happy to discover Wellmune's proprietary yeast beta glucan that is clinically shown to help support immune health - for all ages.

- Tamera Bowman, Tamera Camera Blog

Wellmune keeps athletes primed for performance.

From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body active. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help support the immune health of athletes.

Wellmune Benefits Athletes

I make sure to get a daily serving of Wellmune through a dietary supplement drink that contains it. I sip on this before and during exercise, I love that it contains 250 mg of Wellmune per serving.

- Angela Campos, Marathons and Motivation

Wellmune provides immune support for older adults.

As we age, our immune system tends to weaken, but the desire for an active lifestyle does not. Clinical research shows Wellmune helps promote wellness by helping immune cells be ready to do their job.

Wellmune Benefits Adults

I don’t want either of us to be sick and miss the travelling and fitness things we enjoy together as active older adults! Taking products with Wellmune is one easy way to help support your immune system.

- Jennifer Fisher, The FitFork

Wellmune helps protect against the harmful effects of stress.

While acute or short-term stress can enhance immune response, chronic or long-term stress is linked to numerous immune health problems, including suppression and premature aging of the immune system.

Clinical studies on high-stress populations, such as firefighters, medical students and people with chronic-stress lifestyles found that supplementing with Wellmune helps maintain healthy energy levels, vigor and mental clarity. 

Wellmune Benefits Stress

It is common knowledge that when you are under stress and not taking great care of your body that your immune system suffers. After learning about Wellmune and how they are a great tool for helping to support both my physical health and mental clarity, I decided to grab Emergen-C Immunity Plus, which includes Wellmune.

- Laura Funk, We Got The Funk

A yeast beta glucan for immune health, powered by research.

Immune-supporting ingredient options on the market are vast. From vitamin C and echinacea to zinc, the choices can be overwhelming and often include the latest trending heath fads. But it’s important to focus on functional ingredients supported by quality research. It’s the only way to understand how the ingredient works, how safe it is and its efficacy.

Wellmune is the only yeast beta glucan of its kind to be supported by clinical research that demonstrates its ability to help support the immune system. To learn more about Wellmune, read our FAQs.


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