Formulating Functional Foods with Wellmune®.

Once a niche category, consumers are now, more than ever, looking for functional foods as a way to get the health benefits they want most. Adding Wellmune® to foods can enhance the value of a product by offering clinically supported immune health benefits.

Helping food brands thrive by offering a quality immune health ingredient that creates functional foods consumers value most. 

Added immune health functionality in foods.

Wellmune is well-suited and easily incorporated – from both a flavor and stability standpoint – into most food applications, including:

  • Premium, Health & Wellness Snacking​
  • Puffed Snacks, Chips and Crisps ​
  • Snack and Nutrition Bars ​​
  • Better for You & Functional Bakery Applications​
  • Children’s Snacks
  • Functional Cereals
  • Better-for-you Confections​
  • Dairy Snacks and Yogurt

Creating foods for different life stages with science-backed immune health benefits.

Functional foods for children.

Immune health is top-of-mind for parents. But products that are clinically supported to provide immune health benefits in formats that kids want to consume are hard to find.

  • Wellmune can be formulated into a wide-variety of kid approved foods such as fruit pouches, fruit snacks, puffs, and cereals.
  • Research shows Wellmune can help kids have more healthy days.

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Functional foods and healthy aging.

The healthy aging market is hungry for research supported immune health products that go beyond traditional applications such nutritional beverages.

  • Wellmune can easily be formulated into innovative functional foods such as puffed snacks, cereals and nutritional bars, to meet the changing needs of older adults.
  • Research shows Wellmune can help support the immune health of older adults.

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Foods for athletes and “weekend warriors”.

Now, more than ever, athletes are searching for foods that can effectively support their immune health so they can meet their wellness goals.

  • Whether its a post-workout recovery bar or an immune health chew, athletes want functional foods that are convenient and help keep them active.
  • Clinical research shows Wellmune can help athletes and “weekend warriors” stay ready to train.

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Functional foods for stress.

Stress is uncomfortable but it also impacts our immune health. People are turning to functional foods to support this need state.

  • Wellmune can easily be incorporated in to healthy “feel good” foods that people associate with relaxing, like better for you confectionary.
  • Research shows Wellmune can help support the immune health of people experiencing stress.

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Helping manufactures formulate foods that support our immune health.

Product format, target demographic, health benefits and the right ingredient: these are the key pieces to a successful functional food. Our team of experts will work with you to bring your ideas to life.

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