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The Wellmune® Brand.

It takes more than just adding a generic immune health ingredient to win the loyalty and trust of health-focused shoppers. Food, beverage and supplement products that are finding success are fortified with high-quality, well-studied, branded ingredients that consumers trust. Wellmune is a research supported brand that educates consumers about beta glucans, delivers on ingredient transparency, provides the immune health benefits consumers want most, and ultimately builds trust in the final product.

Differentiation starts with research and safety.

Brands resonate by building trust.

Successful functional ingredients give product manufacturers the competitive advantage they need through solid science and consumer-focused positioning, while offering safe, effective benefits that can be easily communicated – all of which keeps consumers coming back to the products they trust and value.

72% of global consumers are interested in purchasing products with Wellmune®.

32% of global consumers
are more likely to purchase a healthy lifestyle product if they saw research or scientific data claims for the product.

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Quality starts with research.

Because Wellmune is backed by research supported documentation of its safety, efficacy, and quality, the branded ingredient provides consumers a clear point of reference when browsing shelves, delivering on transparency and building trust.

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Education provides consumer value.

With access to more information than ever, consumers expect more information and transparency from product manufacturers. Wellmune is helping its customers meet consumer expectations by sharing how our proprietary yeast beta glucan works, its safety, and the immune health benefits it can provide.

Survey shows Wellmune is a recognized and trusted ingredient that makes purchasing decisions easier:

  • 82% of global consumers said they considered the description of Wellmune as believable.
  • 55% of global consumers correctly associated the Wellmune brand with its immune health benefits.
  • 52% of global consumers said they would ‘definitely’ or ‘probably’ switch to a product with Wellmune if their usual brand did not contain it.

Connecting with consumers.

We are committed to telling our brand story and educating people of our immune health benefits through research, digital tools, and benefit-driven messaging, creating transparency that builds trust and long-term value. Follow us on:

Built on solid foundations.

What’s happening in the immune health markets right now is better understood as a process of evolution than revolution – acceleration rather than disruption. While the current pandemic makes it more important than ever that companies like ours act responsibly and demonstrate a commitment to safety, efficacy and scientific research, consumers’ fundamental requirements have not changed. They want trust, transparency and scientific substantiation. Wellmune is built the way it is because it works and because it meets market needs.

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