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Scientific Claims Key to Standing Out in Crowded Supplement Markets

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Scientific claims can help manufacturers create supplements consumers value. Kerry’s 2021 global research shows that believability of claims and uniqueness of a product are important to consumers. As consumers become more aware of the multitude of benefits offered by a growing variety of products, clearly communicating an ingredient’s well-substantiated benefits is key to meeting demand.

A report from Kerry, makers of immune health ingredient Wellmune®, notes that consumers of healthy lifestyle products that support immune health have more choice than ever. It finds that the growing popularity of everyday foods with functional benefits has not diminished the popularity of dietary supplements. Innova reports that immune health was the number one claim in global supplements development in 2020, with 30% of total supplement launches carrying an immune health claim. This growth in new product development represented +10% CAGR from 2016-2020 (compared to 8% for all supplements).

The report also tracks the rise of new formats such as shots and gummies, which are particularly popular with younger consumers. Although gummies’ share of the market has grown by 31% since 2014, the traditional capsule and tablet formats continue to account for the majority of product launches, with 34% and 25% market shares respectively.

To explore how manufacturers can differentiate their products in this increasingly crowded market, Wellmune surveyed over 11,000 consumers in 14 different countries. More than four in ten said seeing claims based on research or scientific data would make them more likely to buy a healthy lifestyle product. This figure rose to above half in some regions, with 55% of consumers in Brazil considering research data a top purchase driver.

John Quilter, VP, Global Health Portfolio at Kerry, said: “The vast range of products now on offer is a sign of a healthy market but it can leave consumers drowning in choice. With immune health at the front of everyone’s mind, we wanted to explore how manufacturers can ensure their products stand out. We found that trust is key. Whatever the format, claims backed by strong scientific evidence enhance credibility, and consumers are more likely to be attracted to products with these benefits communicated clearly on the packaging.”

Supplements with immune health benefits now represent the third largest segment of the global market, with a value of $6.65 billion USD. With immune health a priority for consumers, Kerry, the makers of Wellmune have said they are well-placed to help companies meet the growth in demand for immune health products. Wellmune is a proprietary beta glucan derived from a strain of baker’s yeast. It is supported by a wealth of peer-reviewed clinical research demonstrating its efficacy for everyday immune support.

John Quilter said: “While we are seeing very high levels of demand for immune health products, we’re very well-positioned to help our customers meet it. Wellmune is committed to providing the best possible immune health ingredient through our dedication to safety, efficacy and scientific research.”

The full report, ‘Format for Success: The State of the Global Immune Health Supplements Market’, is available here.


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