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Immune-supporting Food and Beverage Launches Help Meet Increased Demand

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It’s no surprise that consumer interest in immune health continues to rise. Although recent trends show comfort food is being sought as an antidote to the discomfort of uncertain times, consumers are well aware of the role of diet has in maintaining good health. While balancing the need for comfort with the reassurance that a product is beneficial can be tricky, consumers are seeking out functional foods and beverages that can provide immune health benefits for all ages and lifestyles. As well, consumers are increasingly seeking products that can deliver multiple benefits that support need states complementary to immune health, like support for sleep and stress reduction. Bonus points if those foods and beverages provide the taste and convenience consumers want.

Why beta glucans?

The rise of interest in beta glucans for immune health is driving consumer demand in the food and beverage sector for products with immune health benefits. While there are several types of beta glucans, research is confirming that yeast beta glucans like Wellmune® are particularly beneficial to immune health. Formulating with Wellmune helps manufacturers meet consumers’ demands with an ingredient clinically shown to help support the immune system.

Wellmune is a key component of many recent food and beverage products that have helped manufacturers provide immunity benefits. These foods and beverages span the immune-health needs of everyone from toddlers to adults, while providing the comfort of familiar taste and the convenience necessary for challenging schedules in times like these.

For children.

When it comes to children, maintaining their health is critical because it impacts everyone in the family. And sometimes children can be finicky. While parents crave the immune support provided by ingredients like yeast beta glucans, children respond to the flavors they know and love. Enter fruit pouches, the perfect way for toddlers and children to obtain the immune-health benefits their parents want for them in a format they enjoy. For example:


fruit pouch immune for kids with wellmune

Fruit Friends Fortified Fruit Pouches (US) –  Fruit pouches fortified with Wellmune bring fun to healthy snacking, featuring characters from popular children’s movies.

Learn more about how Wellmune helps manufacturers innovate. Read the case study.


For active adults.

Sports nutrition has been a rapidly expanding category, with the advent of foods and beverages for active lifestylers. Protein, and increasingly, yeast beta glucans are key ingredients in the diets of health-conscious individuals to support fitness goals and the desire for immune health. In fact, research has confirmed the effectiveness of yeast beta glucans as key to keeping athletes primed for performance.. Here are a few examples of innovative solutions for active adults of all ages:



stick pack with wellmune

Vital Proteins Vitality (US) –  An immune-supporting supplement that features Wellmune, immunobiotics, electrolytes, amino acids and vitamins for immune and overall health.

Wellmune® can help.

Helping manufacturers innovate in traditional and evolving food and beverage product categories is an important way to bring immune health benefits to all.  Backed by studies that show Wellmune supports the immunity of children, active adults, older adults, and those experiencing lifestyle stress,  Wellmune is a key ingredient in an ever-growing portfolio of products. Learn more about these and other Wellmune products here.

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