Wellmune 是什么?

使用 Wellmune 显著增强免疫力。


每天摄入 Wellmun® 有助于增强免疫力,让您拥有健康的能量,保持清晰的思维,做事效率更高,并圆满完成工作生活计划。十多年的科学研究证实,Wellmune 对所有年龄段的人都是安全有效的,其中包括:

“当我身体健康时,我感觉我的状态最佳… 我的生活非常充实,实现了一个又一个人生目标。”

Wellmune supports the health and wellness of children.  

A healthy immune system can support the overall health and wellness of children. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help kids have more healthy days.

Wellmune Benefits Children

- Tamera Bowman, Tamera Camera Blog

Wellmune keeps athletes primed for performance.

From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body active. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help support the immune health of athletes.

Wellmune Benefits Athletes

- Angela Campos, Marathons and Motivation

Wellmune provides immune support for older adults.

As we age, our immune system tends to weaken, but the desire for an active lifestyle does not. Clinical research shows Wellmune helps promote wellness by helping immune cells be ready to do their job.

Wellmune Benefits Adults

- Jennifer Fisher, The FitFork

Wellmune helps protect against the harmful effects of stress.

While acute or short-term stress can enhance immune response, chronic or long-term stress is linked to numerous immune health problems, including suppression and premature aging of the immune system.

Clinical studies on high-stress populations, such as firefighters, medical students and people with chronic-stress lifestyles found that supplementing with Wellmune helps maintain healthy energy levels, vigor and mental clarity. 

Wellmune Benefits Stress

- Laura Funk, We Got The Funk





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