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[Infographic] Growing Demand for Immune Health Beverages

Around the world, consumers are looking for trusted sources of immune support that fit with their daily routines and help them achieve their health goals. Functional beverages are a growing category in this space, with consumers increasingly turning to innovative formats to meet their demands for immune support. In a sign of continued growth, Euromonitor reports the market for beverages with immune health benefits is expected to be valued at $135B by 2025.

Global trends in functional beverage markets include:

  • High levels of interest in immune health – the number-one benefit consumers want from healthy lifestyle products
  • Growth in the global immune health beverage market, with evolving categories across many regions
  • A complex environment in which product differentiation is key

While immune health benefits have catapulted to the top of the list of demands for functional ingredients, manufacturers face certain challenges. In the increasingly competitive functional beverage space, one of the questions facing manufacturers is how to stand out. Immune health ingredients with substantiated benefits are key to market differentiation.

Download the Infographic, Global Immune Health Trends in the Functional Beverage Market, for insights and support in a complex, ever-changing market.




Euromonitor Passport, 2020

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