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New Study with Wellmune® Shows Promise for Intestinal Barrier Function Improvements with Stressed Adults

A newly published pre-clinical study with human donors demonstrated that Wellmune®, the natural immune health ingredient available in food, beverages, and supplements, may protect intestinal barrier function in adults when faced with stress. The study also provided new insights on how the proprietary yeast beta glucan works within the human body and the immune system. Continue reading…

Q&A: How Personalized Nutrition Influences Functional Foods, Beverages and Supplements

Q&A with Satya Jonnalagadda, Ph.D., MBA, RD. Personalized nutrition is on the rise and consumers are turning to products that offer health benefits targeted at their lifestyles and nutritional needs. We asked Kerry’s Director of Global Nutrition Science, Satya Jonnalagadda, Ph.D., MBA, RD, a few questions about some of the trends, challenges and science behind Continue reading…

Published Study Confirms Wellmune® Provides Immune Support for General Fitness

A newly published clinical study with adults at an average fitness level shows improvement in immune health both during and after strenuous exercise when taking Wellmune®, a natural immune health ingredient found in food, beverages, and supplements. The study, titled “Oral Supplementation with Baker’s Yeast Beta Glucan Is Associated with Altered Monocytes, T Cells and Continue reading…

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