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[Infographic] What’s Driving Consumer Interest in Research Supported Immune Health Ingredients?

While interest in products that support immune health is stronger than ever, a multitude of products with varying claims is introducing market confusion. Yeast beta glucans, which represent some of the newest research supported immune health ingredients, can help provide manufacturers with formulation opportunities, and clarify consumer choice.

Demand for immune health products is growing.

Consumer demand for food, beverage and supplement products with immune health benefits is rising sharply. In the last year alone global launches of these products with immune health claims have increased.1

  • Snacks: 75%
  • Vitamin and dietary supplements: 28%
  • Food and drink, excluding snacks:13%

Demand is fueled by research.

With consumer demand for immune support products exploding across multiple categories, many shoppers now make purchase decisions by looking for ingredients they recognize as well as by seeking out scientific data to support their efficacy.2 In a crowded marketplace, the newest research supported immune health ingredients can help manufacturers provide the foods, beverages and supplements with the benefits consumers want.

Yeast beta glucans are a top immune health ingredient.

Growing evidence suggests yeast beta glucans like Wellmune®, a proprietary baker’s yeast beta 1,3/1,6 glucan, can help support the body’s natural immune mechanisms and help maintain immune system balance. Recognized by consumers for its clinically demonstrated benefits, Wellmune is a simple-to-understand ingredient that simplifies formulating safe, efficacious products consumers will value.

Download the Infographic for consumer trends, market insights and formulation opportunities with research supported immune health ingredients.

What's Driving Consumer Interest in Research Supported Immune Health Ingredients

1 Mintel GNPD (30 April 2020)
2 Kerry Global Consumer Survey, Digestive and Immune Health, 2019

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