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Wellmune의 작용.

이러한 특유의 면역 지원 성분은 수천년간 신체를 보호하기 위해 진화해온 인간 면역 방어를 작동시키는 데, Wellmune®은 정확히 어떻게 작용하는 것일까요?

Wellmune은 신체에 들어가 안전하게 면역 체계를 강화하는 데 도움이 되도록 작용합니다.

동영상 재생
  • When consumed, Wellmune enters the gut.
  • Cells in the gut absorb Wellmune and travel to immune organs throughout the body.
  • These cells break Wellmune down into smaller pieces that attach themselves to immune cells.
  • Primed by Wellmune, those immune cells move effectively when challenged.

Make your immune function as strong as possible. 

By priming your immune cells to be ready, Wellmune can help strengthen immune function. While we know the primary way to do this is to maintain the healthy habits that keep your immune system running smoothly, experts also agree that sometimes extra functional ingredients, like Wellmune, are beneficial to immune health.

There is also emerging evidence that Wellmune can “train” the body’s immune cells to react.

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