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Wellmune과 함께 하는 강력한 면역력 강화.

우리의 면역 체계는 귀하의 삶의 질에 대한 시작점입니다. 사전 예방적인 자기 관리를 통한 귀하의 건강 증진은 귀하의 전반적인 면역력을 개선하는 것에서부터 시작합니다.

Wellmune®을 매일 섭취하는 것은 귀하의 면역력 강화에 도움을 주어 건강한 에너지를 유지하고, 더욱 맑은 정신을 유지할 수 있도록 하고, 생산성을 증대하고, 업무에 집중하게 합니다. 10년 이상 과학의 뒷받침을 받아온 Wellmune은 다음을 포함한 모든 연령층의 대상에게 안전하고 효과적이라는 것이 입증되었습니다.

“저는 건강할 때 컨디션이 가장 좋습니다… 마음껏 삶을 향유하고, 목표를 정하고 성취해낼 수 있습니다.”

Wellmune supports the health and wellness of children.  

A healthy immune system can support the overall health and wellness of children. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help kids have more healthy days.

Wellmune Benefits Children

- Tamera Bowman, Tamera Camera Blog

Wellmune keeps athletes primed for performance.

From competitive athletes to the recreationally active, supporting immune health through diet and exercise helps keep the body active. Clinical research demonstrates Wellmune can help support the immune health of athletes.

Wellmune Benefits Athletes

- Angela Campos, Marathons and Motivation

Wellmune provides immune support for older adults.

As we age, our immune system tends to weaken, but the desire for an active lifestyle does not. Clinical research shows Wellmune helps promote wellness by helping immune cells be ready to do their job.

Wellmune Benefits Adults

- Jennifer Fisher, The FitFork

Wellmune helps protect against the harmful effects of stress.

While acute or short-term stress can enhance immune response, chronic or long-term stress is linked to numerous immune health problems, including suppression and premature aging of the immune system.

Clinical studies on high-stress populations, such as firefighters, medical students and people with chronic-stress lifestyles found that supplementing with Wellmune helps maintain healthy energy levels, vigor and mental clarity. 

Wellmune Benefits Stress

- Laura Funk, We Got The Funk

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