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[Infographic] The Growing Appetite for Immune-supporting Foods

Immune health is the top benefit sought by consumers, according to Kerry’s recent global consumer research. What’s more, six in ten global consumers recently surveyed cited immune health as their top reason for purchasing healthy lifestyle products. Key to meeting demand: creating
functional foods with immune benefits that resonate with consumers

Finding benefits in unexpected places

Innovation is key in creating foods that capture consumers’ interest.  As they deepen their search for functional foods, consumers are turning to categories traditionally considered off-limits to the health-conscious. Treats like cheese balls and other indulgent snack foods fortified with benefits that support immune health are popping up on grocery shelves.

According to FMCG Gurus’ 2021 Snack Trends report, while 72% of consumers are attempting to eat and drink more healthfully, 63% are buying more comfort food, creating opportunity to fortify indulgent foods with immune health benefits.

Simplifying choice amid expanding options

The expanding number of options in these categories, as well as in products traditionally considered to be healthy, like yogurts, are giving consumers more choices than ever. To simplify choice, it’s critical that manufacturers provide the information consumers seek.

Kerry’s survey notes that providing products formulated with  science-backed ingredients and simplifying steps for consumers to do their own research are key to building trust – even more so than simply adding on-pack health claims.  In fact consumers’ top purchase drivers include doing their own research; seeing scientific data; and seeing the benefits clearly and transparently explained on the product packaging.

Learn more about growing categories and how to meet consumers’ wellness needs. Download the Infographic,The Growing Appetite for Immune-supporting Foods.



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