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[Infographic] Why Are People Taking Dietary Supplements?

In today’s challenging health landscape, immune health is more important than ever. Consumers around the world are looking for ways to support their health not only through proven habits such as exercise, sleep, and diet, but also with dietary supplements.

Market insights.

Although the immune health dietary supplements market trends show strong growth, it is evolving. Past market indicators highlight consumers turning to immune health dietary supplements. In 2019, the global supplements market was valued at $80.3 billion USD, and it has been projected to grow at 2.2% CAGR through 2024. As well, growth is predicted in every region.

  • Research also points to consumer sentiment that diet and exercise are not always enough. For example, consumers are looking for added benefits or fortification from their everyday foods and beverages. Research found that 65% of U.S. consumers now seek added functional benefits from food and beverages.
  • With the lines blurring between functional foods, beverages and supplements, the demand for supplemental nutrition is strong. Research shows 49% of consumers take supplements to prevent or treat ailments.


Standing apart from the crowd.

The vast range of products on offer is a sign of a healthy market, yet it can leave consumers overwhelmed by choice. Understanding demand is the first step to providing immune health dietary supplements consumers desire.

  • Benefits: Globally, immune system support was the most important reason why people said they buy products that support a healthy lifestyle.
  • Formats: While traditional formats like pills and tablets remain strong across most demographics, new formats like gummies and shots are resonating with younger consumers.
  • Research: 39% of people say that claims based on scientific data would make them more likely to buy an immune health product.

Wellmune® is committed to helping food, beverage and supplement manufacturers create safe, efficacious products consumers will value. Download the infographic to learn more about choosing the right immune health ingredient for dietary supplements to help consumers meet their health and wellness goals.

Why Are People Taking Dietary Supplements Infographic


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