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Products with Wellmune? Application and Delivery Examples

products with wellmune

During uncertain times like this, the search for staying our healthiest is ever growing. More people are looking brands to create nutritional foods, beverages and supplements that can help support their immune health. Consumers are increasingly turning to immune health products with multiple benefits to provide support with need states complementary to immune health, like stress reduction.

Quality and effective immune health products start with functional ingredients backed by clinical research. With more consumers looking to support their immune health with foods, beverages and supplements, Wellmune® remains dedicated to providing our customers with a safe and efficacious ingredient that can easily be formulated into a wide range of products.

Our mission is to support product manufacturers in creating the highest-quality immunity products that help consumers be well and stay well. And while Wellmune can be found in immunity-focused foods, beverages and supplements around the world, here are just a few examples of products and delivery formats that Wellmune has helped create in partnership with our customers.

Demand for immune health products is high. Download the report to learn more.



North America.

Sachets for on-the-go: Busy and stressful lifestyles can make immunity benefits a top demand, but it’s not always easy to support your immune system through diet when you are on the go. Immunity sachets can be used as part of a morning routine or thrown into a bag for convenience.

imergen-c plus with wellmune



Learn about Emergen-C Immune+ with Wellmune, the award winning immunity sachet.





Gummies for kids: Supporting immunity for children’s vulnerable immune systems is important to help keep kids healthy and families thriving. Gummies are easier and more appealing formats for young people to take.

picture of olly kids immunity with wellmune



Learn more about Olly’s Kids Immunity with Wellmune, powerful little gummies are packed with the good stuff kiddos need to keep up a strong immune system.




Fruit pouches: Functional foods and beverages are also a convenient way to provide children with a daily nutritious snack at school and at home. Pouches such as Charles & Alice’s “immune-boosting,” all-natural fruit pouches with Wellmune are just one example of how parents can support their kids’ health.

charles and alice fruit pouch with wellmune



Learn more about Charles & Alice’s Fruit Friends with Wellmune, the on-the-go fruit pouch for kids.




Capsules: With 47% of people claiming they take dietary supplements as a top way to manage their health, it is no surprise that immunity capsules remain in strong demand.

immune health basics with wellmune



Learn more about Immune Health Basics with Wellmune, an immune health supplement for people of all ages.




Powdered beverage: For many people, high-performance nutritional powders fortified with functional ingredients are their go-to method of getting the supplemental nutrition they want. Immunity powders or multi-benefit wellness powders can meet the delivery demands of consumers of all ages because they can be incorporated easily into daily life.

SuperBeets® IMMUNE with wellmune



Learn more about SuperBeets® IMMUNE with Wellmune, a powdered supplement for year-round immunity support.





Multi-benefit supplements for specific need-states: Our customers are creating products that consumers of all ages can benefit from. Whether it’s a pill that is fortified with Wellmune and other nutritional ingredients to support our health as we age, or in a format such as an effervescent tablet to support immunity while stressed, multi-benefit products that provide clinically demonstrated immune support are in high demand.

Image of Claricell with Wellmune



Learn more about Claricell with Wellmune, the European top-shelf, evidence-based supplements for people of all ages.




Sachets are also big in Europe for all age groups. Revive Active has created a line of sachet products that provide immune health and wellness benefits to specific groups such as teens, kids and athletes.

picture of revive with wellmune



Learn more about Revive Active’s immunity products with Wellmune that are endorsed by Ireland’s top athletes and nutrition experts.





Fruity waters: Seeing a gap in immune health products for kids, Nurture created a ready-to-drink line of beverages, bringing health and wellness to families across Europe.

Nurture fruity water with Wellmune




Learn more about Nuture, the fruity water with Wellmune.






Travel packs: While gummies are popular with kids, making that format even easier for parents has been a goal for many immunity supplement makers. Travel packs full of Wellmune fortified gummies is just one way we’ve seen supplement companies successfully create a way for parents to support their family’s immune health. Especially the picky eaters who may have difficulty swallowing tablets.

immuno licious with wellmune




Learn more about Chewies Imuno Licious with Wellmune, Asia’s award-winning immunity gummy for kids.



Latin America.

Functional beverages: Meeting consumers with the immunity benefits they want, in the products they consume most, is just one way to further provide value to consumers. For example, to fulfill an unmet market need for a growing population, JUXX wanted to create juice that helps adults stay healthy as they age. With the innovation of Wellmune, JUXX continues to lead in the functional beverage space in Brazil by gaining growing interest among consumers and retailers.

Juxx Juice with wellmune



Learn more about X-Mune with Wellmune, the immune health juice found in Brazil.





Coffee capsules. Coffee consumption in Brazil is a hot market, and has seen phenomenal growth over the years. With more consumers looking to support their immune system, coffee capsules with Wellmune can easily help people support their immune systems daily.

wellmune coffee capsules



Learn more about V-Coffee, which adds the immune health benefits of Wellmune to the ritual of coffee.




Our formulation and research experts can help you navigate creating your next product with Wellmune. Contact us to learn more.


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