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Top Trends For Healthy Kids Beverages

With more parents invested in their children’s diet, functional ingredients are quickly becoming a go-to source for healthy kids beverages.


Healthy kids beverages that offer added benefits can be a easy and accessible format for on-the-go families.

The challenge?

Healthy beverages can be hard to find, as many are loaded with “no-no” ingredients like sugar.

And because parents are turning to nutrition labels as a resource for understanding the health benefits of a product, formulating a beverage with functional ingredients that offer clinically demonstrated health benefits will provide the nutritional benefits consumers are hoping to see in a product.

Grab more insights.

What exactly are consumers looking for in a kids beverage? Click on the infographic below to get a few quick insights about what parents are looking at when they read those nutrition labels and what health benefits they want most for their kids.

Infographic for Healthy Kids Beverages Trends

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